The Modern Bogo 1.d4 e6: A Complete Guide for Black by Dejan Antic,Branimir Maksimovic

By Dejan Antic,Branimir Maksimovic

They did it! Dejan Antic and Branimir Maksimovic have created a whole chess commencing repertoire for Black avid gamers in just books.

First they wrote the acclaimed the fashionable French (against 1.e4). Now the trendy Bogo offers Black avid gamers with a complete resolution to 1.d4. the 2 books supplement one another perfectly.

The element is that the authors suggest to reply to 1.d4 with the direct 1...e6, for the follow-up 2.c4 Bb4+. during this method they stay away from complicated theoretical Nimzo-Indian strains and permit either beginner gamers to discover their very own method in little-explored adaptations.

The glossy Bogo covers the entire probabilities for White after 1.d4 e6... with the exception of 2.e4, and then you want to play the French!

Antic and Maksimovic have performed a big quantity of study, and located many new strategic options and attacking plans. them all are defined essentially and punctiliously.

You will locate that this establishing not just can provide strong possibilities to equalize as Black, but additionally many possibilities to play for a win.

IS THIS ebook just for those that PLAY THE FRENCH WITH BLACK? in fact no longer!
More than ninety% of the strains that Antic and Maksimovic disguise is usually reached during the ordinary Bogo- and Nimzo-Indian circulation order 1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 e6.

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