Siege of the Spirits: Community and Polity in Bangkok by Michael Herzfeld

By Michael Herzfeld

What occurs whilst 300 alleged squatters cross head-to-head with a huge urban executive trying to advance where the place they stay? As anthropologist Michael Herzfeld exhibits during this publication, the reply should be stunning. He tells the tale of Pom Mahakan, a tiny enclave within the middle of outdated Bangkok whose citizens have resisted professionals’ calls for to vacate their houses for 1 / 4 of a century. It’s a narrative of neighborhood as opposed to executive, of outdated as opposed to new, and of political will as opposed to the law.


Herzfeld argues that even if the citizens of Pom Mahakan have misplaced each criminal conflict town govt has dragged them into, they've got received each public kin contest, highlighting their fight as one opposed to bureaucrats who don't appreciate the age-old values of Thai/Siamese social and cultural order. Such values contain compassion for the terrible and an knowing of city house as deeply embedded in social and formality family members. In a gripping account in their standoff, Herzfeld—who at the same time argues for the significance of activism in scholarship—traces the agile political strategies and forms of the community’s management, utilizing their fight to light up the bigger problems, tensions, and unresolved debates that proceed to roil Thai society to this day. 

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