Quantum Theory as an Emergent Phenomenon: The Statistical by Stephen L. Adler

By Stephen L. Adler

Quantum mechanics is our such a lot profitable actual conception. even though, it increases conceptual concerns that experience puzzled physicists and philosophers of technology for many years. This 2004 ebook develops an process, in response to the idea that quantum idea isn't really an entire, ultimate idea, yet is in reality an emergent phenomenon coming up from a deeper point of dynamics. The dynamics at this deeper point are taken to be an extension of classical dynamics to non-commuting matrix variables, with cyclic permutation inside of a hint used because the uncomplicated calculational instrument. With believable assumptions, quantum idea is proven to become the statistical thermodynamics of this underlying thought, with the canonical commutation/anticommutation family derived from a generalized equipartition theorem. Brownian movement corrections to this thermodynamics are argued to steer to nation vector aid and to the probabilistic interpretation of quantum thought, making touch with phenomenological proposals for stochastic variations to Schrödinger dynamics.

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