How to Win at Pentago: The Complete Visual Guide for by Barry Stiefel

By Barry Stiefel

How to Win at Pentago, by way of Barry J. Stiefel

How to Win at Pentago can help every body from newbie to professional speedy commence profitable extra Pentago games.

The publication contains:

  • 14 particular assaults and their defenses, with special explanations
  • Dozens of particular guidance, methods, and "Do's" and "Don'ts" from skilled players
  • Hundreds of necessary board diagrams to teach you precisely what is going on on
  • Complete video games commented and analyzed

This booklet will either clarify after which visually express you the underlying good judgment and techniques in Pentago.

Master explainer Barry J. Stiefel has prepared the cloth into 11 classes that stick with logically from overall newbie to skilled match player.

If you’re one of many thousands who have develop into addicted to this award successful five-in-a-row with a twist board video game out of Sweden, tips to Win at Pentago is a needs to read!



Lesson 1:  the principles of Pentago

Lesson 2:  really good Pentago Vocabulary (Used widely all through This Book)

Lesson 3:  the normal Pentago video game Notation (Used widely all through This Book)

Lesson 4:  newbie assaults and Strategies

    4.1. The Five-in-a-Row Attack

    4.2. The Five-in-a-Row-With-a-Twist Attack

    4.3. The Central-Focus Strategy

    4.4. The Four-in-the-Middle-of-Six Attack

    4.5. Lesson Summary

    4.6. try out Your talents With This Lesson Quiz

    4.7. solutions to Lesson Quiz

    4.8. accomplished newbie video games With designated Analysis

 Lesson 5:  Intermediate assaults and Strategies

    5.1. The Diagonal Three-in-a-Row-on-a-Single-Quad Attack

    5.2. the guts Three-in-a-Row-on-a-Single-Quad Attack

    5.3. the sting Three-In-A-Row-On-A-Single-Quad Attack

    5.4. The Cluster-Your-Marbles-Early Strategy

    5.5. The 4 facilities Attack

    5.6. The Minor Diagonal Attack

    5.7. Lesson Summary

    5.8. try Your abilities With This Lesson Quiz

    5.9. solutions to Lesson Quiz

    5.10. A accomplished Intermediate online game with targeted Analysis

Lesson 6:  complicated assaults and Strategies

    6.1. The lowering Freedom of circulate Strategy

    6.2. The One-Two-Punch-Combination Attack

    6.3. The Inside-Flying-Elbow Strategy

    6.4. The Outside-Flying-Elbow-Strategy

    6.5. Lesson Summary

    6.6. try out Your abilities With This Lesson Quiz

    6.7. solutions to Lesson Quiz

    6.8. A accomplished complex video game with targeted Analysis

 Lesson 7:  online game method and top Practices

    7.1. A step by step procedure for creating a Move

    7.2. Six seek Shortcuts that can assist you fast review the Board

    7.3. ideas for First-Movers

    7.4. thoughts for Second-Movers

    7.5. Pentago most sensible Practices

Lesson 8:  the normal Pentago Openings

Lesson 9:  specialist research - extra on WinThreats and Their Defenses

Lesson 10:  professional research - extra on Forks and Their Defenses

Lesson 11:  the best way to retain bettering Your talents as a Pentago Player

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